Leadership Program

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Leadership Program is a project sponsored by Chinese American entrepreneur, Mr. Sandy Chau, in the form of project donations and sponsorships to cultivate a new generation of talents at National Tsing Hua University. With the basic concept of "Receive help, Self-help and Helping others", Mr. Chau worked with National Tsing Hua University to train a new generation of young leaders. Through "learning by doing, doing by learning", from the position of "receive help " to stand up majestically through "self-help", it is hoped that, in future, many students can use their "helping others" spirit to exhibit their creativeness and influence in Taiwan or in every corner of the world.

Sandy Chau



The National Tsing Hua University Leadership Program, initiated by the Tsing Hua Residential College, began recruiting in spring 2015, with 18 students for its first batch. Currently, the actual number is 14 and the training is expected to be completed in summer 2018. In spring 2016, 21 students were recruited and the actual 13 participants are expected to complete their training by summer 2019. After more than three years of building up the Leadership 1.0 Program for team 1 and team 2 , valuable experiences have been accumulated.

Future- oriented
Project- based
International connection


After nearly three years of promoting the Leadership Program, tremendous valuable experiences have been accumulated. In response to Mr. Chau's interest in continuing to cooperate with National Tsing Hua University to foster leaders, the College team has recently begun planning for the promotion and formulation of Leadership Program 2.0, as described below.


of the Project

During the past two decades, the World has changed rapidly, Taiwan's industrial development, environmental problems, wealth inequality problems have become increasingly severe and people's expectations of talent cultivation are even greater. As one of Taiwan's top universities, National Tsing Hua University should actively respond to the challenges and expectations of the society, redefine the cultivation of talent, stand out from the previous problem-solving talent cultivation framework led by a professional division of labor and earnestly cultivate cross-domain innovation leaders. Not only will it solve problems but will actively define them and create possibilities for Taiwanese society.


Cross-domain Innovative Leadership Training Framework

elements of the2.0


Learning Framework of

Leadership Program 2.0 Students

Promoting three project-based actions in three years is the fundamental part of talent development in Leadership Program 2.0. Each of the three projects has different learning objectives.

螢幕快照 2018-12-08 下午8.15.26.png

In order to effectively guide Leadership Program students to achieve the above learning goals, Leadership Program 2.0 has planned six special courses, summer internships and international participation and visits. The following illustration shows the overall learning experience of the Leadership Program students in three years, including three project-based


Leadership 2.0 learning process


Course Design

Over the past three years, the Leadership Program has developed a number of workshops, courses and other learning activities. Based on these experiences, Leadership Program 2.0 has planned a six-term credit course as described in the table below.

螢幕快照 2018-12-08 下午8.44.36.png

2018, 1st semester : Topic 1

To respond to the rapid change of this era, as an educational innovation project, we put great emphasis on facing the most pressing challenges and opportunities of the future. For example, the first semester of Fall, 2018, we integrated three major issues into the preliminary course for team 3 students (N=28)


(1) China Factor,

(2) Aging Society,

(3) AI Application and Its Social Impact


 – An interdisciplinary course concerning the future issues and development,  especially for Taiwan, offered by more than 15 teachers.




On the other hand, given that many students in their college year do not have enough social and practical experiences to face the future opportunities and challenges, we also stress the importance of project-base courses design and student’s international connection associated with each of their concerns. We believe that learning by doing and doing by learning would play a crucial role in our future university.


These three elements are the unique features of NTHU Leadership program 2.0. We hope that our students can develop their own perspectives toward the future world, as well as deep concerns across human issues and social changes.